Xmas Special Podcast: Kay Reindl and Erin Maher speak to Back to Frank Black!

For an exclusive Christmas edition of Millennium Group Sessions, we are honoured to have Millennium writers Kay Reindl and Erin Maher speak to Back to Frank Black about Millennium, its crew, their memorable Christmas episode “Midnight of the Century” and the work they’ve done either side of Carter’s dark masterpiece.

May we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas from Back to Frank Black and hope you enjoy this 90 minute special! It’s a warm, relaxed and candid interview! Have a great day!

To listen to this interview online use the java player below:


To download, click here for the direct link.

Millennium Group Sessions is available on iTunes or the Back to Frank Black app found on the Android and iPhone platforms.

Visit Kay’s blog Seriocity – always a great read!

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  1. russ:

    Great interview – and the Chameleons reference deserves bonus points. I would’t complain if there were a follow up interview or book section down the road… :)
    Thanks to everyone for the holiday gift.

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