By Brian Decker
Nov 5, 2012
I’m 200 pages into the book and it’s everything that I had hoped it to be (as a fan). There are essay contributions from the writers, actors, and others associated with the show. They share personal stories from their time with the show, and you can feel the passion/ pride in regards the work they did. More importantly, everyone involved with the show believe that Frank Black is still relevant today and would like to see him return. If you are a fan of Millennium, Lance Henriksen, or anyone associated with 1013 Productions, this book is a MUST HAVE. Highly recommended.
By MIchael Gehrmann
Oct 17, 2012
This book is absolutely fantastic. It gives you a great insight in the creative process of the 1990’s show Millennium. The most important contributors to the series (writers, actors, producers) talk about their experience and memories of the time when it was produced and reflect on the meaning and potential it still holds today. The texts indicate a great sensibility concerning the tone and the atmosphere of the show. The work that has been put into the book shows the same quality and devotion that made Millennium one of the best shows of TV history. Thanks for making it. I want Frank Black back.
By Chris Knight
Oct 16, 2012
This long awaited fan produced reflection on Millennium is brings back memories of watching first run episodes. This is a must have for all Millennium, Lance Henriksen, and Chris Carter fans.