BACKTOFRANKBLACK: Interviews (audio, video and written)

(under -reconstruction – some podcasts may be missing, waiting to be re-issued – interviews in BOLD are updated)
Millennium Production Team:

Millennium Group Session Interviews:

Writer Joe Harris speaks about Millennium comic: Audio Interview (2014)

Chris Carter on Millennium’s 18th Birthday: Audio Interview (2014)

Chris Carter/Frank Spotnitz/Lance Henriksen: Audio Interview (2011)

Producer/writer – Frank Spotnitz: audio interview

Director – Thomas J Wright audio interview (2011)

Producer/writer – Glen Morgan: audio interview

Producer/writer – James Wong: audio interview

Writer – Michael R Perry: audio interview (2011)

Writers – Kay Reindl and Erin Maher: audio interview

Music – Mark Snow: audio interview

Exclusive B2FB site interviews:

Producer/writer – Frank Spotnitz: written interview

Producer/writer – Chip Johannessen: written interview

Writer – Michael R Perry: written interview

Titles – Ramsey McDaniel: written interview

Costumes – Thyrza Segal: written interview


Millennium Core Cast:

Millennium Group Session Interviews:

Lance Henriksen/Megan Gallagher/Brittnay Tiplady: Audio Interview

Lance Henriksen/Joe Maddrey: audio Interview

Lance Henriksen/Michael Worth: audio interview

Lance on Millennium (2012): audio conversation

Lance on Back to Frank Black Book: audio interview with Back to Frank Black book authors

Frank Black – Lance Henriksen: audio interview

Catherine Black – Megan Gallagher: audio interview

Jordan Black – Brittany Tiplady: audio interview

Emma Hollis – Klea Scott: audio interview

Lara Means – Kristen Cloke: Audio interview

Lucy Butler – Sarah Jane Redmond: audio interview

Exclusive B2FB site interviews:

Frank Black – Lance Henriksen: written interview (pt 1)

Frank Black – Lance Henriksen: written interview (pt 2)

Frank Black – Lance Henriksen: written interview (pt 3)

Frank Black – Lance Henriksen: written interview (w/Fangoria Radio)

Lara Means – Kristen Cloke: written interview

Lara Means – Kristen Cloke: Q&A interview

Andy McClaren – Stephen E Miller: written interview


Millennium Season One:

Episode: “Dead Letters”

James Morrison: audio interview

Episode: “The Judge”

Marshall Bell: audio interview

Episode: “Kingdom Come”

Michael Zelniker: audio interview

Episode: “Loin Like a Hunting Flame”

Michael Buie: audio interview (coming soon)

Episode: “Wide Open”

Pablo Coffey: audio interview

Episode: “Lamentation”

Sarah Jane Redmond: Exclusive BacktoFrankBlack reading (coming soon)

Episode: “Broken Horses”

Van Quattro: written interview

Van Quattro: Exclusive BacktoFrankBlack reading (coming soon)


Millennium Season 2:

Episode:  ”The Beginning of the End”

Doug Hutchinson: written interview

Episode: “Beware of the Dog”

(Director) Allen Couter: written interview

Episode: “Monster

(Director) Perry Lang: written interview


Episode: “Curse of Frank Black”

Kett Turton: audio interview  (coming soon)

Episode: “Luminary”

Cheyrl Macnamara: written interview ”Luminary”

Tobias Mehler: written interview

Lance Henriksen: audio interview (coming soon)

Episode: “Goodbye Charlie”

Richard Whitley: audio interview

Tucker Smallwood: written interview

Episode: “In Arcadia Ego”

Missy Crider: written interview

Missy Crider: Exclusive BacktoFrankBlack reading (coming soon)

Ron Selmour: written interview

Episode: “Anamnesis”

Kimberley Warnat: audio interview (coming soon)

Episode: “Owls”/”Roosters”

Barry Levy: video interview (coming soon)

Barry Levy: Exclusive BacktoFrankBlack reading (coming soon)

Malcolm Stewart: written interview

Episode: “Somehow Satan Got Behind Me”

Austin Bassile: audio Interview (coming soon)


Millennium Season 3:

Episode: “Exogenesis/The Innocents”

Averie Maddox: written interview

Episode: “Thirteen Years Later”

Jeff Yagher: audio interview

Episode: “Collateral Damage”

Bill Marchant: written interview

Bill Marchant: written interview

Episode: “Omerta”

Jon Polito: audio interview (coming soon)

Keegan Connor Tracey: audio interview (coming soon)

Episode: “The Sound of Snow”

Trevor White: written interview

Trevor White: audio interview

Episode: “Forcing The End”

Juliet Landau:written interview

Episode: “Goodbye to All That”

Jeff Parise: written interview


Godkiller – Henriksen related production

Anna Muckcracker – written interview


Bone Dry – Henriksen related production

Brett Hart : written interview

Brett Hart: video on behalf of BacktoFrankBlack (coming soon)


Millennium Virtual Season 4

Dan Owen: written interview


Millennium Virtual Season 5

James Jordon: written interview


“Millennium Apocaplyse”

Cast and crew: written interview part one

Cast and crew: written interview part two


X-Files News

Avi and Tiffany: audio interview (coming soon)



John Kenneth Muir Pt1: audio interview

John Kenneth Muir Pt2: audio interview


Horror Journalist

Alison Nastasi: audio interview (coming soon)


Paranormal Fiction Author

MR Sellars: audio interview (coming soon)


TV Wise Journalist:

Pat Munn: Audio interview

Back to Frank Black Book:

Adam Chamberlain, Brian A Dixon, Lance Henriksen, James McLean, Troy Foreman: Audio Interview